Our Embryo Adoption Programme that we offer welcomes any healthy woman aged up to 51


It gives us great pleasure and pride to be able to offer women who are healthy and aged up to 51 the opportunity to have a baby, even in those circumstances where their ovaries do not have any healthy eggs remaining and where, for various reasons, there is not sperm available for them to use.

The Embryo Adoption Programme that we offer welcomes any healthy woman aged up to 51 regardless of them being single, lesbian, in a relationship or married.

When a woman is in her mid to late forties, she is often in excellent physical condition. She has an excellent chance of being able to carry a baby to full term and to deliver a healthy child. Unfortunately, when a woman is aged over 42, she will often have hardly any healthy eggs left in her ovaries as a result of the aging process of eggs. In these cases, donor embryos can be used instead to establish a pregnancy that is healthy and has a very high chance of success: 60% with one blastocyst chosen on the basis of morphology and genetics.

For our unique embryo adoption programme, we use only top morphology blastocyst tested and normal for 23 chromosomes.

We are often contacted by women who are in their forties, with partners who have a greatly diminished semen quality, to ask about embryo adoption. They are usually shocked to discover that even in situations where the quality of sperm is very poor, it’s not essential for donor embryos to be used in most cases. We are pleased to be able to offer these couples a chance to have a genetic father and a biological mother via egg donation using sperm from their husband or partner!

Do not hurry to give up on your own sperm request a phone meeting with our doctors to define the treatment which will be not just successful but most friendly to your future baby 

We have seen many positive egg donation experiences using the husband or partner’s sperm in cases where the sperm are reduced in quantity or speed. There may just be solitary sperm cells in the entire semen portion! Remarkably, results using the best quality eggs coming from healthy, young donors are very nearly as good as with normal quality sperm or sperm obtained from donors!

Why does everything work well even with low-quality sperm? It’s because eggs that are young and healthy compensate for low-quality sperm and support them so that they can discharge their genetic material. People of an older reproductive age cannot be expected to have optimal quality sperm even in cases where they have a flawless medical history. There can be excellent results using donor eggs for this group of patients irrespective of whether the quality of sperm is good, poor or extremely poor.


Do not go for a donation of both egg and sperm if the same success rates can be achieved through donor eggs and your husband's sperm.

Young  healthy donor eggs compensate for low-quality sperm and result in high success rates

In humans, eggs age very early and this means that when women are aged over 42 their store of healthy eggs is almost gone. For that reason, donor eggs can be used to help a woman become pregnant. The aging process for sperms is much, much slower. If a man still has his sperm cells, it is likely they will be able to be used with the aid of ICSI.

The combination of a genetic paternity, due to using his sperm, and a biological maternity due to pregnancy, then breastfeeding, is a better situation for a family than embryo adoption, as in the future, both mother and father have a natural connection to their child!

Request a phone meeting with our doctors to discuss your options and chances

Please ask for a consultation over the telephone so that you can speak to one of our doctors so that they can personally advise you about your chances of having a live birth using egg donation and your husband or partner’s sperm or embryo adoption. We offer a very personal medical approach for all our patients, with the highest communication standards to ensure that we prevent instead of cure any possible complications. Ultimately, we want you to be able to hold your healthy baby with the minimum of delay!

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Certifikat ISO9001:2008

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