Has IVF been advised by your doctor?

Are you worried about mounting costs and ‘surprise’ treatment bills?

Want to find a solution so that you can fully concentrate on your IVF cycle?

Whether your doctor has recently advised you that IVF will be needed to create your much-wanted baby or have been unsuccessful in past fertility treatments the costs associated with trying to conceive through IVF are a concern for all patients.

The majority of fertility patients do not have a ‘pot of money’ stored away for these unexpected circumstances and therefore have to finance their treatment through outside finance, family or friends, this is why knowing how much you will spend is so important!

At AVA-Peter we want IVF treatment to be a fixed price option that is above all individually designed, stress-free and successful!

Our single cycle IVF fixed price programme includes

Single-cycle IVF - With your own eggs*

2 990 €

  • Individual and Personalised Treatment planning
  • Assistance with travel/ logistics and Visas applications 
  • Medical coordination for the patient before and after your visit to St. Petersburg 
  • Medical and nursing care in St. Petersburg
  • Preparation of Sperm (partner or donor) 
  • General Anaesthetic for the patient
  • Egg collection
  • Fertilisation of collected eggs 
  • ICSI (if required) 
  • Blastocyst Culture (if suitable) 
  • Assisted Hatching (if required)
  • Embryo transfer 
  • 2 Airport Transfers and complimentary city tour with a guide :-) 
  • Continuation of care via telephone/email on patients return to home country
Our fixed price treatment programme applies to one cycle of IVF and does not include your pre-treatment care or medication that will be required in your home country as each patient will require individual preparation based upon their own medical and personal needs, please speak to us for more detail.
Our fixed price treatment programme does not include possible frozen embryo transfers of remaining embryos.

Considering a combined own egg IVF and Donor Egg IVF Cycle?

Thinking about PGS to increase your chances of success?

If you are considering a combination of treatments at our clinic please call us for a free non-obliging telephone consultation with one of our Doctors so that we can discuss SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES of our individual treatment costs, when carrying out more than one treatment programme.


Why come to St. Petersburg?
'Lily from the other side of rainbow' book by Tone Bråten

Willeke and Mario from Netherlands come to AVA-Peter for egg donation treatment…
Enjoy this touching and sincere documentary by Jorien van Nes

To watch the full version of the documentary free of charge, please fill in form and we will be happy to provide you with a link and a password

Certifikat ISO9001:2008

Certifikat ISO9001:2008

Vi är den första ryska IVF-kliniken som utvecklat och införde kvalitetsstyrningssystem (QMS) för IVF-områden i enlighet med DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. Vi har ISO 9001: 2008 certifierats av LGA InterCert GmbH sedan 2008