Violetta Tikhomirova

Egg Donor Coordinator

I enjoy being in a friendly team and our main goal — gifting a happiness of being parents — is an essential one. It is so wonderful!

I enjoy my job a lot, because it is full of connection, self-development, acquiring new knowledge and mostly getting positive emotions. I am a mother myself and certainly I’m familiar with all fears, problems and needs of our young ladies-donors. I graduated from University and a have a degree in Medicine (general practitioner and specialized in allergology and immunology). Even in my student period I was secretly in love in obstetrics and gynecology. And I am happy to get into ART clinic.

I am responsible for donors’ recruitment, medical examination arrangement and egg donor database maintenance. I care about our egg donors and provide them psychological comfort during all stages of donation.

I consider my job quite interesting because of high technologies in medicine and help to people. I enjoy being in a friendly team and our main goal — gifting a happiness of being parents — is an essential one. It is so wonderful!

Our Team

Dr. Olga Zaytseff

Fertility specialist, Head of the International Egg Donation Programme at AVA-Peter

Alena Egorova

Fertility doctor

Dr. Elena Lapina

Fertility Surgeon
Fertility Specialist

Ekaterina Tint

Fertility Nurse

Tamsin Bowers

UK based patient coordinator

Diana Furshteyn

Patient Coordinator

Annie Svarinskaya

Patient Coordinator

Ann Savelyeva

Patient Coordinator

Alla Schatzkova

Patient coordinator

Maria Jeffs

Swedish Patient Coordinator

Julia Reutova

Chief Patient Coordinator

Anna Macarova

The head of Egg Donor Coordination team

Ksenia Pukhova

Egg donor coordinator

Anna Ogarkova

Fertility Nurse

Olga Malysheva

Fertility Nurse

Marina Abdulina

Financial Controller

Egg Donor Coordinator

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En blogg — för att hjälpa er på er resa till att bli föräldrar genom äggdonation eller embryodonation!

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Certifikat ISO9001:2008

Certifikat ISO9001:2008

Vi är den första ryska IVF-kliniken som utvecklat och införde kvalitetsstyrningssystem (QMS) för IVF-områden i enlighet med DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. Vi har ISO 9001: 2008 certifierats av LGA InterCert GmbH sedan 2008